Mushrooms – Albino Treasure Coast


Mushrooms – Albino Treasure Coast


The Albino Treasure Coast strain has a nebulous history — most people aren’t certain where it came from or who developed it — but it’s here to stay.

What we do know is that this magic mushroom strain is a favorite among growers for its resistance to disease and aesthetically-pleasing fluffy-white fruiting bodies, as well as among users for its nicely balanced trip experience.

As their name suggests, Albino Treasure Coast shrooms are closely related to their parent strain, Treasure Coast shrooms.

The albino version of this famous strain was developed using a technique called tissue isolation. Genetic samples were isolated in a petri dish until the albino genetics were isolated. It was then grown through several generations to strengthen the strain’s genetic lineage — thus maintaining the albino traits from one generation to the next.

The discovery of this strain is often attributed to Mr. G, a famous mycologist responsible for the famous B+ and the A+ strain.

Despite the name, Albino Treasure Coast mushrooms aren’t true albinos (defined by a complete lack of pigmentation). Instead, these mushrooms are leucistic, which is characterized by a reduction in pigmentation rather than a total lack of pigment.

Some examples of true albino strains are Albino Penis Envy, White Rabbit, and Yeti.


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